About Me

Accountant, Speaker, Advocate, Thought Leader

I want to inspire;motivate;speak at your event;

I’m on a mission to get everyone excited about the accounting industry!

I’m an accountant, technologist and founder of Growthwise, an accounting firm in Newcastle. I’m on a mission to help accountants collaborate, challenge and learn from each other to shape the future of the accounting industry.

I decided to become an accountant because I wanted to change the future of small businesses in Australia (I was young, it’s now the world!) I believed that it was an accountant’s job to take their skills in analysing numbers and apply them in all areas of a business, to ensure it ultimately kicks arse (in whatever shape that looked like to them).

We hold the cards, the knowledge and the ability to make an enormous difference in our clients lives. What are we waiting for?

I discuss many of these topics in my weekly Q&A series #StephQA, but I also enjoy speaking live in front of actual people. If you’d like to have a chat, join the conversation or would like me to speak at an event, let’s talk!

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