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Must-reads this month

I love this how-to on busting fraudulent activity in Xero.

Great read on ensuring your systems are creating good efficiencies— Does your company need a Director of getting Sh*T done?

An interesting piece from Chris Hooper— Why can lawyers charge more than accountants?

And lastly, a bit of fun reading— How accounting technology is like coffee.

Events not-to-be-missed

In case you missed it, here is my fireside chat with Greg Tuckwell— How surviving cancer changed my accounting practice.

The team at LiveCA have a great webinar on Building the dream team: hiring & coaching strategies.

Karbon has some great webinars coming up in May. I’ll be hosting the first two.

Eliminate, automate, delegate: strategies to become a super efficient firm
How I refine & automate my firm’s tax processes with Karbon
Accounting apps to serve your clients better & faster
Identifying & improving the processes that impact your topline most

QuickBooks Connect — 18 May (Sydney)

Accountex — 10-11 May (London)

Podcast of the month

Check out the Bookkeeper Revolution Podcast by Mel Power and Steve Major for a great collection of stories from accountants, bookkeepers and the ecosystem.

Quote of the month

“Perfectionism is often an excuse for procrastination.”

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