With 2016 coming to a close, it’s a brilliant time to reflect on what worked well, what didn’t work so well, and what you will change for 2017. For some inspiration, check out 2016 in review, and what’s on the horizon.
Embracing change—actually looking forward to it—is the one way your business will stay ahead of the pack in the future.
January events not-to-be-missed
January is the month of the thinking accountant—the perfect time to reflect on the year passed and to set your plans for 2017. I’ll be running a 4-part #MTA series each Friday to outline how you can make sure your practice will kick arse all year. 

Becoming a brilliant leader in 20176 January 2017, 8am
Designing the perfect business in 201713 January 2017, 8am
Business is a game: how to build the team that will win20 January 2017, 8am
Setting your 2017 targets27 January 2017, 8am

All times are in AEDT. If you can’t make it, register and you’ll be sent a recording.
Must-reads this month
5 steps to create a scalable accounting or bookkeeping firm from Greg Tuckwell.

It’s a fantastic time to reflect on the long-term vision of your business. Matt Sharwood has 5 questions you must answer to plan the long-term direction of your business.

Jason Blumer shares his tips for breaking through ceilings in your business.

December and January is a brilliant time in business to review your technology stack. I shared our technology stack for Growthwise last year (now updated) and it’s still one of the most popular posts I’ve written.

Jason Andrew has also shared the tools he uses to manage a distributed team.
Change GPS have a good little planning tool to set some implementation goals.
And here is a video outlining the questions to ask before implementing systems.
Videos to catch up on
My favourite webinar this year was with Greg Sheehan, where we discussed taking your growth to the next level: what else is possible.

Beyond the cloud: the future of accounting with Chris Hooper, Kenji Kuramoto, Stuart McLeod and myself.

Using a process to build a culture.

Translating the full-stack accountant into your firm.

34 episodes for #StephQA. I’ve been answering questions (along with the help of some accounting gurus) on everything that will improve your business.

And technically not a video, but if you aren’t already subscribed I highly recommend catching up on Cloud Accounting Weekly from Blake Oliver.

And if you’ve missed any of the previous Curated by Accountants for Accountants you can now find these here.

Podcast of the month
With 554 episodes, this is a great podcast to catch up on over the holiday break—Harvard Business Review Ideacast. A weekly podcast from leading thinkers.

Quote of the month
“Nothing valuable comes quick.” — Gary Vaynerchuck
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