Curated by Accountants for Accountants – October 2016

It’s such an exciting time to be an accountant. I can’t wait to see the news from the major events taking place for accountants over the next few weeks! Stay tuned next month for the best wrap-ups.

In the meantime, Karbon has just released The growth playbook. It’s jam-packed with info on how to really increase the bottom line of your business. I’m loving the workbook style—this is an essential download.

Must-reads this month

I absolutely love this article from Jason Andrew: “Your accounting firm isn’t worth squat.” – An open letter to a Senior Partner

The death of compliance debate isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s a fear slogan for things changing in the world of accounting. Steve Major has some good points and questions you can ask to see if your business is ready for change.

With so many accountants now helping clients implement technology, this article on using APIs will certainly help.

I always love hearing why people in our Industry do what they do, so it’s great to see Xero’s series: Behind the success. First up, the wonderful Richard Francis.

Videos to catch up on

I sat with Wayne Schmidt this week to share how I made $50k from one Facebook post.

What to look at before you can grow: Rating your practice

WHY is something every practice needs to know. Great to see opinions onredefining your firm’s purpose to achieve growth from Tim Munro, Tim Hoopmann and Paul Dunn.

Podcast of the month

This month’s podcast is from Aussie, Mark Bouris, about nurturing and growing talent in Australia. Mark interviews people who are doing things differently. It’s a great podcast to hear new and unique ideas.

Quote of the month

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard” — Guy Kawasaki


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