Curated by Accountants for Accountants – July 2016

The past month has been filled with some fantastic events and webinars for accountants. It’s great to see so many people sharing insights to help propel our industry forward.

Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with the wonderful Lisa Callaghan from Interactive Accounting this month and talk about skills, training & change in your accounting firm.

Must-reads this month

In case you have missed it, Karbon has launched Editions—a cross between a magazine and a traditional accounting blog that is jam-packed with videos, guides, articles, and reports. It is absolutely amazing and by far some of the best content being produced for accountants. Be sure to check it out.

Stephen Paul from Valued Accountancy shared his wisdom on delivering great advisory services.

Blake Oliver produces a weekly cloud accounting wrap-up. It’s full of the latest news from providers as well as tips from our peers.

This is instalment #2 of Matt Paff’s predictions for the major accounting vendors for 2016. He gives a great roundup on what’s happened in the last 6 months and what’s coming.

I’m always curious what the cloud vendors in our space think the future of accounting will bring. Stuart McLeod has an interesting piece titled Beyond the cloud—The future of accounting. I’d love to know your thoughts on where you think our industry is headed.

Events not to be missed

I was lucky enough to spend an hour with Ian Vacin reviewing the 4 key training areas your team needs.

Wayne interviewed Carbon, Wilson Pateras, CHJ and 5ways to learn how they have managed to build their culture.

Kimberley, Finn, Bruce and I had a lively discussion on how we each manage flexible accounting firms.

Greg Tuckwell and I had a chat about how our clients differ across generations.

I’ve had a ton of fun answering questions this month on timesheets + capacity planning, measuring productivity without timesheets, how to gain focus, the 20% rule, and advisory services.

Podcast of the month

If you want improve yourself, with a focus on becoming a better leader, this is a great podcast.

Quote of the month

“Fear kills growth” — Gary Vaynerchuk

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