Curated by Accountants for Accountants – May 2016

I’ve just landed back in Australia after a week in London at Accountex, as well as a webinar with Chaser and roundtable event. It was fantastic to catch up with some great accountants who are pushing the industry forward in the UK.

The roundtable event presented a report from Karbon on Accounting for the generational shift. I spoke with hundreds of accountants over the week and a recurring theme in so many conversations was problems and issues surrounding their team. With millennials getting so much attention I decided to explore the lost generation.

I’ve also been asked numerous times what systems we use at Growthwise so I’ve put together a handy reference guide.

Must-reads this month

A good reminder on looking outside the square for business role models by Smart Books Online.

How Tyrrell and Company in the UK have used technology to grow.

A nice challenge from Accodex — Don’t learn to plan, plan to learn.

The importance of both financial & non-financial KPIs for your business from Bellingham Wallace.

A great summary from Karbon on the top 10 barriers hindering growth of accounting firms.

Events not to be missed

Nothing is standing out as an event that you must all attend, so this issue I’ve picked a great webinar and Ted Talk for the month.

Last month Greg Sheehan from Rightway and Bruce Phillips from HPC spoke with Wayne Schmidt about how physical boundaries to serving accounting & bookkeeping clients are receding rapidly.

A Ted Talk to explain how Ricardo Semler runs a $240 million business with basically no rules.

I’m also running a webinar later this month — Translating the full-stack employee into an accounting firm.

Podcast of the month

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Book of the month

Lewis Howes also has a book titled The School of Greatness. I loved this book because of the practical action steps you can implement today to make yourself a better leader, boss and person.

I hope you enjoyed this issue, I’d love your feedback so please write back!


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