Curated by Accountants for Accountants – March 2016

I’m writing this from SXSW (Austin, Texas). Once a year I make the trek to Austin, along with 35,000+ other entrepreneurs, marketers, techies, VC etc etc. I get asked every year (mainly by accountants) “why the hell would you go to SXSW?” The answer is really simple. To learn.

WeeklyQ&A – a YouTube series dedicated to accountants, aimed at answering your questions is ramping up with 5 Episodes complete. Keep your questions coming using #StephQA on twitter. Have a different view or have different things working for you? Would love your comments.

Ep 1 – Knowledge gap & human calculators
Ep 2 – Hard work, growing & keeping up with add-ons
Ep 3 – Advisory training, House MD and branding
Ep 4 – Learning, productivity and patterns for success

Must-reads this month

A post to challenge your thinking of Millennials from Chris Hooper – I am a Millennial Accountant, and I hate Accounting

Specific to Australia and something that will be a hot topic for the next few months – The three things the government needs to do to fix the innovation statement tax incentives

There is a lot of talk about metrics that matter to the modern accounting practice. Jason Andrew from SmartBooks Online has a great article – What are you measuring & then follows this up with a post from Guy Pearson – Accounting As A Service

If you are a micromanager here are some great tips on how to stop Micromanaging your team

March events not-to-be-missed

February seemed like event overload (especially from technology vendors), so not much happening this month.

Don’t forget to grab your tickets for the ChangeGPS Next Level Accounting Conference 9th May

For those of you in the UK I’ll be heading to Accountex in May. If you will be there let me know, I would love to catchup.

Quote of the Month

Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself – Elon Musk

Podcast of the Month

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Book of the Month

#AskGaryVee One entrepreneur’s take on leadership, social media & self-awareness.

The brand new book from Gary Vaynerchuk is brilliant. Great insights,

He also has a great YouTube Show that the book was based on as well as a Podcast

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