Curated by Accountants for Accountants – February 2016

Welcome back! Hopefully you are rejuvenated after January and back in full swing – ie growth mode.

In case you missed it, we have started a WeeklyQ&A – a YouTube series dedicated to accountants, aimed at answering your questions. Episode 1: Knowledge Gap & Human Calculators is now live and covers how to bridge the knowledge gap for young graduates between uni and the real world, as well as tips to attract ‘people people’ not human calculators to your firm.

Keep your questions coming using #StephQA on twitter. I would also love your thoughts on Episode 1.

I’m always scouring the interwebs for interesting reads from you, interesting opinions and interesting ways you have solved client, staff and/or business problems. Don’t forget to flick anything you write or find interesting to me so we can share. 🙂

Must-reads this month

A great article from NBC – How to fall back in love with your business.

The lovely Tanya Titman from Consolid8 was interviewed by Working Women on – why she built an onsite childcare centre.

Execution: A skill that should be taught in schools – from Advise Accountants.

A nice summary from Zerobooks on – Options for hiring staff.

A great read on Why keeping a daily journal could change your life.

**Bonus – this isn’t a must read but a must listen to! Tim Ferriss interviews Seth Godin on how he Manages his life – Rules, Principles & Obsessions.

Events not-to-be-missed

I’m running a series of webinars in the next month with Karbon:

The wonderful Will Lopez and Blake Oliver are running weekly Blab’s (yep that is what the platform is called!) where they talk about cloud apps. You can check out what is coming up next as well as past episodes here

ChangeGPS are running Next Level Accounting Conference on the 9th May – aimed at fast-tracking your growth.  

Quote of the Month

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone – Michael John Bobak

Podcast of the Month

The Rocketship Podcast : Startups | Entrepreneurship | Growth

I also love listening to a YouTube Series – Work in Progress – by Jason Fried CEO of Basecamp and Nathan Kontny CEO of Highrise. They talk about the challenges of running a business and anything else that has come up that week.

Book of the Month

Zero to One by Peter Thiel

This is one of my all time favourite books. The focus is on learning to think for yourself, learning to ask yourself the important questions.



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