Curated by Accountants for Accountants – January 2016

Welcome to the new year!

Hopefully you’ve had a great break and are back recharged for the year. The aim for these newsletters is to share interesting finds but more importantly to collaborate on problems and share solutions. Why?

Mitchell Harper puts this best in his post The CEO death loop.

So I’d love to hear from you. What’s your biggest barrier to grow or become more efficient in business at the moment? Learn about #StephQA!

Must reads this month

5 traits of the perfect Practice Manager — from Karbon
4 New Year’s Resolutions you should make to improve your career — from Gary Vaynerchuck
My Entrepreneurial “aha” Moment — from Two Roads
Employee benefits at Basecamp — from Jason Fried
Financial Modelling for Startups — from Visible

Events not-to-be-missed

Karbon is running free Trend Briefings across Australia right before the Xero Roadshow (they will shout breakfast and good coffee to all attendees). If you are interested in learning the 5 key trends that will shape our industry this year and how your firm can action them, register below for the event closest to you. Find the city nearest to you and register.

Today I run the last session of The Month of the Thinking Accountant. If you have missed the prior ones don’t stress, join now and we will send the recordings to you.

Podcast of the Month

Forget about just 1! Here is a great list by Blake Oliver with 7 excellent podcasts for accountants.
I’m also obsessed with the interviews on Tim Ferriss’ podcast of late.

Book of the Month

The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy
This was a book recommended by Two Roads, a tax company and bookkeeping company in the USA. It’s a perfect read for anyone who wants to be a great leader with a good mix of theory, stories and how to.

Quote of the Month

The Beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” 
B.B. King

I hope you enjoyed this issue, I’d love your feedback so please write back!



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