Curated by Accountants for Accountants – December 2015

Welcome to the first issue of Curated by Accountants for Accountants.

Each month I’ll be sharing a short summary of thought-provoking reads from our peers, not-to-be-missed events, podcasts worth listening to, and anything else on the state of the Industry I think you will find interesting.

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So let’s get started!

Must reads this month

5 secrets to building a scalable practice — Nice read by Scott Lynch of Beanstalk Accountants

Becoming a CFO for your client base — Fantastic how-to by Guy Pearson

Hiring: Why attitude trumps ability — Lessons from Greg Sheehan of RightWay

Customer Service 101: Five ways to Get Loyal Customers — by Double Rule

Holiday extra! — If you are looking for some great reads for the holidays check out The Raddest Reading List of All Time or this great list from Wow Company.

January events not to be missed

January in Australia tends to be a “quiet” month (if there is such a thing). People on holidays, summer, cold beer, and not a large amount of deadlines. So what better time to think about what you want to achieve in the next 365 days?!

I’ll be running a 4-part webinar series every Friday with the sole objective of sharing how to build a practice that can kick arse in 2016.

#1 Reflection & Self-awareness — 8 January 2016, 12.30pm

#2 Design the firm of your dreams — 15 January 2016, 12.30pm

#3 Building the team that will get you there — 22 January 2016, 12.30pm

#4 The DO and the HOW: make a plan! — 29 January 2016, 12.30pm

All session times in Australian Eastern Daylight Time, check these sessions in your time here. If you cannot attend, register to receive a recording.

Quote of the month

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” — Abraham Lincoln

Podcast of the month 

Xero In — the new podcast series from Xero.

Granted, this is a little biased as I was interviewed for the last podcast: How to eliminate, automate and delegate. The series interviews a range of business owners highlighting issues businesses face and ideas on how to overcome them.

Check it out in iTunes or Soundcloud

Book of the month

Rework: Change the way you work forever by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

I’ve read and re-read Rework four times now. Everytime I read it I always learn something new. It’s a great short read focused on change – something very relevant in 2016. Buy it here.

I hope you enjoyed this issue, I’d love your feedback so please write back!


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